"Every task is a self-portrait of the one who does it; autograph your work with excellence. The artistry of Sterling Procter is autographed with the highest standards of excellence. I have for years been in awe of his superlative writing in many venues in Dallas and elsewhere. In fact, in my concertizing around the country I frequently hear words of high praise for the sensitivity and creativity of his writing. One of the significant writers for brass of our time, Mr. Procter has my unqualified admiration and recommendation. I am a charter member of his fan club!"............ more
Stephen Nielson
Concert Pianist/ Steinway Artist
Dallas, Texas

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Highland Music Press is a full-service print music publisher and producer dedicated to the highest standards of artistic excellence. Our music is definitively Classical without being ponderous. All music in our catalog has been play-tested by professionals for worship services, weddings, Christmas, Easter, and other places where live music is used.

worship music for brassOur hymn settings are designed for maximum flexibility in a worship setting. Each hymn has distinctive introductions, verses, interludes, and endings. Each hymn is also designed to fit standard hymnal harmonizations and is titled by the hymn tune to account for variations in text titles. Most denominations have differing traditions regarding their hymnody, and these arrangements easily lend themselves to cuts or additional repeats. The difficulty level of each piece is discussed in the Detail View of our search engine.

We have an extensive selection of wedding and ceremonial brass music that, like our hymn settings, is designed for flexibility, as well as a useful collection of stand-alone brass music for all occasions.

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