What people are saying about our music
"I have known and performed arrangements by Sterling Procter for many years... some of my favorites are the 'Simple Gifts' for brass quintet, 'Pescador De Hombres' for horn, trumpet and piano and an incredible setting of 'Holy God, We Praise Your Name' for large brass ensemble and of course the 'Make a Joyful Noise - Five Festival Hymns from the Hymnal 1982.' I have used these and other of Sterling's arrangements in my own congregation and in festival situations with great success. Sterling's ability to make fresh, creative arrangements within a wide range of technical capability is remarkable. Musicians love to play his work because he writes so idiomatically. "
G. Kenneth Cooper
Director of Worship and Music
First Presbyterian Church
Dallas, Texas

"For a number of years, we have been using Sterling Procter's hymn-tune arrangements for various instrumental combinations and his music has enriched our worship immeasurably. Regardless of what I need, whether festive or introspective, Procter delivers stunning scoring. He always takes into account the needs of a particular music ministry and tailors his work accordingly. I couldn't do my work without him!"
Howard Ross
Director of Music and Organist
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Dallas, Texas

"Challenging . . . interesting. . . uplifting...! the Gloria Dei Brass loves performing Sterling Procter hymn arrangements in both worship and concert settings. And I know that I'll always get comments about the wonderful brass from our congregation whenever we use a Procter setting."
Mary Voigt
Director of Celebration Ministries
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas

"Sterling Procter's arrangements of hymns for both full orchestra and for brass are among the most brilliant that I have seen. His masterful combinations of instruments produce settings that are innovative and inspiring. I am happy to champion the work of Sterling Procter."
David Keith
Professor of Conducting
Mercer University
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - Fort Worth, Texas
Broadway Baptist Church - Fort Worth, Texas
Macon, Georgia

"I have both commissioned and conducted hymn arrangements from Sterling Procter for the the past 12 years and have found them to be consistently of the highest quality. He has a thorough knowledge of brass instruments and a passion for great hymnody. I believe his hymn arrangements are some of the best available!"
Michie Akin
St. Matthew's Cathedral Arts
Dallas, Texas

"Sterling Procter's brass quintet arrangements of many familiar hymns have thrilled the congregation at Saint Luke Catholic Church in McLean. Using the basic harmony found in most hymnals, the brass writing is very imaginative. It is music written for professional brass musicians, fully engaging and challenging them, without losing the basic congregational harmony. It is well known among our parishioners that the Christmas and Easter celebrations with the Washington Symphonic Brass Quintet are the high point of all our liturgies. This is due in no small part to the writing of Sterling Procter."
Paul Skevington
Minister of Music and Liturgy
Saint Luke Catholic Church
McLean, Virginia

"For the past eight years the Church of Saint Thomas Aquinas has used Sterling Procter's remarkable hymn arrangements at Easter and Christmas. Each year, 6,000 people are blessed by hearing these well-crafted and inspirational arrangements of familiar hymn-tunes. They are filled with creativity and the spirit of each hymn is marvelously captured in each of his arrangements. There is a depth to the writing that is not found in other arrangements currently published."
Michael Lindner
Organist, Director of Music
Formerly: Church of Saint Thomas Aquinas
Dallas, Texas

Dennis Craig is a wonderful arranger/orchestrator who has shown me that he is meticulous with detail, and is pre-emptive with all the right questions in terms of size and proficiency level of the group for whom he is writing. You would do well to keep him on your "A" list of those who can do it, do it well, and do it on time.
Benjamin Harlan
former Dean of the School of Music
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

We celebrated our church's 175th anniversary this past Sunday and I used a couple of your hymn arrangements for the service. One of the hymntunes used was Slane ("Be Thou My Vision") After using the arrangement, I had to take the time to write you on how marvelous that hymn arrangement is. I wondered--and was even a little skeptical--on how that hymn could be used with brass but you showed that it could be done...and done well. It is a warm, rich arrangement that enhances the beautiful hymn.
It is a joy to know that when I check your catalog I will always find quality arrangements.
Thank you!
David Mayo
Director of Music
Sharon Presbyterian Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina

"I have enjoyed using several of Sterling Procter's brass arrangements of hymns in worship services. The artful and creative arrangements of hymns with brass draw the congregation into music making as full participants and helps hymn singing take on almost symphonic proportions. I recommend them highly, especially for festival occasions."
C. Michael Hawn
Associate Professor of Church Music
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

"The brass arrangements of Sterling Procter capture with great creative imagination the text of the hymns which they accompany. The introductions are exciting with creative artisitc flare. I think we need more of this type of music available to those of us working in churches!"
David R. Davidson
Director of Music
Sep 25,1948 Ð Sep 5, 2009
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Dallas, Texas

Just to say that the HYMNFEST was a huge success and it was all thanks to all your wonderful music. Praise My Soul was just such a grand opening Hymn. Thank you so much for using up your precious time and talents composing it for St. Andrew's. I can't wait to start working on the next year's HymnFest. :)
Denham Pereira
Organist and Choirmaster
St. Andrew's Scots Kirk
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Sterling Procter's arrangements have enormous class and musical integrity - whatever the requirements or circumstances."
Rick Land
Organist/Choir Master
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Pampa, TX
Formerly: Saint John's Episcopal Church - Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

"Every task is a self-portrait of the one who does it; autograph your work with excellence. The artistry of Sterling Procter is autographed with the highest standards of excellence. I have for years been in awe of his superlative writing in many venues in Dallas and elsewhere. In fact, in my concertizing around the country I frequently hear words of high praise for the sensitivity and creativity of his writing. One of the significant writers for brass of our time, Mr. Procter has my unqualified admiration and recommendation. I am a charter member of his fan club!"
Stephen Nielson
Concert Pianist/ Steinway Artist
Dallas, Texas

"I was thrilled to find quality music arranged for brass quintet. Most of what is available is for quartet only. These arrangements are challenging for the performers and a wonderful addition to the special feast days of the church."
David Stinson
Director of Music and Organist
Episcopal Church of the Epiphany
Richardson, Texas

"The music of Sterling Procter never fails to inspire the soul and convey to the fullest the grandeur and intimacy of the human relationship with the divine. We have used his congregational hymn accompaniments in many of our festival liturgies here at Immanuel Lutheran Church, and the assembly always responds with great enthusiasm."
K. Scott Warren
Director of Music and Organist, Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Associate Musician, Church of St. Ignatius Loyola
Associate Organist, Congregation Emanu-el
New York, New York

"Our Hymn Festival on the 14th was stunning and Sterling Procter's arrangement of 'Lift High the Cross' was the crown jewel."
Don Parks
Minister of Music
Central Baptist Church
Marshall, Texas
Marshall, Texas

"Though I've used brass arrangements in our worship services many times each year, I have never received such a positive response from the congregation as I got from Sterling Procter's brass treatment of "Lift High the Cross" which we used as our closing hymn on Easter Sunday."
Lee Cooke
Director of Music and Worship Ministries
Asbury United Methodist Church
Lafayette, Louisana
Lafayette, Louisana

I am thrilled every time our worship life is enhanced by the music of Dennis Craig. His music has blessed player and listener alike. His artistry is apparent in all of his rich compositions. But, perhaps most importantly, his ability to express passion and conviction is powerful. In this day of cookie cutter approaches to music in worship, it is a delight to be able to call upon someone who brings such fresh perspective in combination with such impeccable skill.
Barry Rock
Associate Pastor for Music and Worship
First Baptist Church
Arlington, TX

"...any Procter arrangement in a service is a jewel for corporate worship!"

"...compositions and arrangements of musical depth, integrity and classic originality. Procter's gamut of choral and instrumental genius is one our nation's treasures."

Robert Rucker
New St. Peter's Presbyterian Church
Dallas, Texas

"Your arrangements are standards here at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Everyone loves your "Angels We Have Heard on High" which appears on our Christmas CD from the Cathedral. I receive calls from people around the country asking where that arrangement is available. Thanks for your wonderful work. Keep them coming!"
Dr. John A. Romeri, AAGO ChM
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri

"Sterling Procter's arrangements and compositions for organ, brass, and percussion have become an important and much-appreciated part of worship on feast days and other important occasions at Saint Michael and All Angels."
James Diaz
Organist and Choirmaster
Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
Dallas, Texas

"Sterling Procter's brass arrangements are outstanding. Many of his Christmas and Easter hymn arrangements are standard repertoire here at the Cathedral. I've also used other arrangements for festival occasions with great success. One of the true tests of Procter's gifts is that the instrumentalists enjoy playing his works."
James R. Barry
Christ Church Cathedral
Hartford, Connecticut

"Your brass arrangements added IMMEASURABLY to the hymn festival with Al Travis at our church on October 31. We used Sine Nomine, Neander, and Azmon. Your arrangements are simply magnificent."

"Sterling Procter's hymn arrangements for brass, percussion and organ are the BEST available. They truly inspire great congregational singing. We were thrilled with his arrangement of ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (Come, Ye Thankful People, Come), which we commissioned last year. Mr. Procter's arrangements belong in every choir library!"

Nancy Vernon
First United Methodist Church
Fort Smith, Arkansas

"The arrangements that Sterling Procter have composed are among the freshest available today. The use of descants, interludes and creative introductions make these brass arrangements excellent for congregational usage. Unlike many arrangements that detract from the actually singing of the hymns, Mr. Procter enhances and embellishes these hymns, making the singing of them memorable and meaningful. Their usage can range from a typical Sunday Morning service to Hymn Festivals, providing ample opportunities to enhance congregational partcipation."
John Blackburn
Calvary Baptist Church
Waco, Texas

"I have been privileged to work with Sterling on several occasions. His hymn arrangements are very exciting, tasteful, and of the highest overall quality. They have been a wonderful enhancement to many of our festival services!"
Chris Brunt
Associate Director of Music/Organist
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Dallas, Texas

"Sterling Procter's hymn settings and brass arrangements added that level of sophistication and excitement that I was aiming for. My Christmas Concert was greatly enhanced! Procter's brass arrangement of 'Divinum Mysterium' was a highlight of the program - hauntingly beautiful and meditative."
Fred Gundersen
Director of Music Ministries & Fine Arts
Marvin United Methodist Church
Tyler, Texas

"I want to tell you how much we loved playing you arrangement of 'Ein Feste Burg' last Reformation Day. It is such a pleasure to use your music, because you really know how to write for brass. You're pieces satisfy the players as well as the listners because of the very finely crafted musical ideas and stylistic considerations. Thank you for sharing your talent and the time that it takes to write these wonderful arrangements."
Chalma Frost
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Phoenix, Arizona

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