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Copy and Engraving Services
Instrumentation Considerations:

Chamber music up to 6 staves
Small Ensemble up to 10 staves
More than 10 staves is considered full orchestra
Keyboard and Harp parts are considered 2 parts, Organ is 3 parts.

Basic Price List:

Small Ens$19/pg8.5x11$23/pg8.5x14
Full Orch$25/pg8.5x11$29/pg8.5x14$40/pg11x17

Parts generated from a score, $15 ea, up to 3 pgs. $8 ea additional page

Transpositions of same part flat $15 (for example, Tpt. parts in Bb and C)

Lyrics: Add $8 per page

CD of all work, Finale Files $20
CD of all work, printable PDF files, produced with Adobe Acrobat, $20

Cost includes proof and 2 edits of score, finished score, 1 complete set of parts, ground postage if necessary. Overnight shipping at FedEx Rates.

Additional editing at $40/hr. or part thereof

Additional copies at $1/page

Additional copies, binding, laminating, or other production services that I can not produce myself, at my cost (Kinko's) + 20%. For example, if you want your score on archival bond and bound with printed graphics on a card stock cover, the finished product will be produced at Kinko's or another reputable copy shop.

Generally, 8.5x11 will have about 5 measures/ page portrait and 8 measures/ page landscape, with two 5 - staff systems in portrait view. 11x17 will have about 8 measures/ page portrait, 10 measures/ page landscape. Obviously, the more detailed the music, the more space it will require. Readability and clarity will take precedence over all other considerations.

Orchestration/Arranging $100/minute of finished music.

What is needed for work to begin:

Score or source document

Specific Deadline. We do not work on a "get to it when you can" schedule. Specific deadlines will help eliminate many misunderstandings. Also, we are very fast, but the deadlines must be realistic.

Phone numbers Home, Cell, Pager This is very important!! If we have questions, we need to be able to reach you.

Written confirmation of instrumentation, page size, deadlines, various and sundry details relating to this specific project, and exactly what you are expecting.

Each project will have many considerations that are specific to the work you want done. We will need to talk either in person or by phone to discuss the details. At this point, we can make an estimate and begin work with a 50% deposit.

When work is completed, you will receive proofs, your original, and final products. You will also receive an invoice for the total fee less your initial deposit. The invoice is payable upon receipt.

Sample cost projection:

Brass Quintet, 8 page score, 2 page parts:
Score (8 1/2 x 11)$120
Alt. tpt. parts$30
Second set of copies$22
CD of Finale files$20
Chamber Ensemble, 8 parts, 15 page score, 3 page parts:
Score (8 1/2 x 14)$345
Parts (8)$120
CD of Finale files$20
CD of .PDF file$20
String Quartet, Piano, Voice, 12 page score, 6 parts:
Score (8 1/2 x 11)$276
String Parts (2 pgs.)$60
Piano Part (4 pgs.)$23
Voice Part$23

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